How To Jump on the Industrial Bedroom Trend
How To Jump on the Industrial Bedroom Trend

How to jump on the Industrial Bedroom trend


Have you ever imagined living in an abandoned warehouse? Probably not, but the aesthetic of lived-in furniture and an unpolished feel brings more to the table than you’d think! A perfect blend of classic and modern, inviting and minimalist, the industrial trend has taken the decorating world by storm in the last couple of years.

With the last year seeing many of us stuck at home, our bedrooms have been our sanctuaries during a turbulent time. Now that we’re getting into spring, many of us are feeling like our rooms need a little bit of a refresh; and as it turns out, March is the perfect time to shake up our interiors!

It is officially national bed month, and the sleep council is spreading the word on how vital a good night’s sleep is for our health and well being. With so much of our time spent in our bedroom, whether you’re binging Netlflix or working from home (or both) it’s important to remember that a bedroom should be relaxing. So why not jump on the industrial bedroom trend and create a space that’ll help you unwind and get your eight hours?

The Industrial (Bedroom) Revolution


The word “industrial” might conjure images of sweaty factories and heavy machinery, but that couldn’t be further from the vibe this decor style gives your bedroom. The trend has been around since the 70s when warehouses and factories were closed down and converted into housing. However, while the trend started in cities the trend gained a huge amount of popularity in the last few years, and has become a go-to trend for interior designers.


Taking inspiration from these urban areas, the trend embraces all of the fittings and fixtures that came with living in converted workspaces. Without all the hustle and bustle and equipment, these lofty homes make for an uncluttered living area that fits the minimalist look perfectly.


With exposed walls and rough unfinished touches really adding to the charm of this bedroom design, statement furniture pieces really stand out and make a big impression! A calming atmosphere makes a huge difference when you’re trying to get to sleep, and an industrial bedroom gives you a chilled-out feel while still being brilliantly on-trend.

A minimalist look for a chilled bedroom


Melding modern and vintage, the industrial bedroom trend embraces all of the raw details that more polished rooms are eager to tuck away. From exposed brick walls to pipes, these details are simply part of the decor. Recycled wood and dark metals are a must-have for this look and really tie the whole bedroom together.


A more modern twist on the ever-popular rustic trend, an industrial bedroom can transform your space into a welcoming bedroom you’ll be happy to come home to. The pull of an unpolished and rustic interior using good old fashioned materials makes for a warm and inviting space that still manages to look incredible.


Perfect for open spaces, the industrial trend relies on a minimalistic and airy quality, with neutral colours that really let some statement furniture pieces shine! While urban spaces are ideal (think exposed brick and beams) any bedroom can look amazing with this style, which is a big part of its appeal. 


There are tons of reasons to opt for a modern bedroom design, aside from the fact that it simply looks great. The minimalistic qualities of this industrialised fashion are perfect for creating a calm oasis that lets you escape from the world, while still feeling warm and lived-in.


While it might seem as though you need an airy loft to nail this modern bedroom decor style, we’re here to help you bring the trend home and transform your bedroom into the ultimate relaxing space.


Bentley Designs Lamp Table


Unfinished Wood Furniture


One of the biggest (and most popular) ways to really nail the industrial bedroom trend is to furnish the space using lots of wood and metal. Natural materials are a must and the dark colours of steel and wooden furniture let you get creative with the rest of your decor since it goes with everything!


Our Bentley Designs furniture range is chock full of industrial style staples that are perfect for giving any bedroom a modern makeover. The Indus rustic oak lamp table features a saw cut oak top with black powder steel legs, and is an absolute must-have bedside table for any industrial bedroom.


Bentley designs have lots of options with an industrial edge that sets them apart, so you can create the bedroom you deserve without any hassle. When it comes to industrial decor, you can make a simple bed frame into the staple of your room. The Tivoli weathered oak low footend bedstead is a brilliant example of how raw materials can really upgrade your bedroom into a comfortable and cool room that you won’t want to leave in the morning.

Adding all the finishing touches


While the industrial bedroom trend doesn’t require a whole lot of clutter, there are plenty of details you can add to really bring the room together! Keeping with the natural material theme that works so well with the industrial trend, the Indus rustic oak open display unit is a brilliant way to hold of all your bits and bobs while adding a stylish touch to your room.


Shelves, Open Unit


Exposed brick may be the usual theme for the industrial trend, but you can create a statement wall that fits into any room and still fits the decor style! Why not opt for a grey accent wall? The neutral colour fits with all colour schemes and keeps with the factory-like aesthetic for this trend. Metal accessories fit in brilliantly, and our Bentley designs chevron peppercorn mirror is a great way to add in a great looking accessory that brings an industrial feel to your bedroom.


Bentley Designs Chevron Peppercorn Mirror

A modern Bedroom you can relax in


No matter how tumultuous the outside world can be, your bedroom should be a place where you can switch off and destress. We know that sleep is important for our health, so why not use the industrial trend to create a calming atmosphere that’ll send you off to the land of nod in no time?


Now that it’s bed month, here at Taylor’s on the high street, we’re helping you get a bedroom that looks amazing and gives you a good night’s rest. We’re giving away two of our luxurious Luna pillows with every bed you purchase, so you can get the kip you deserve.

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