Grey Paint Colours

A true veteran of home decor, grey paint colours are a timelessly elegant shade that has been used in interior design for hundreds of years. One of the most versatile and complementary paint colours, our range of hues from the Little Greene Paint Company is full of gems. Browse the full collection and find your inspiration.

A wide collection of tones are on offer, all of which create their own unique atmospheres. Greys with subtle undertones of green like the beautifully subtle Pearl Colour brings a calming atmosphere to your home with an understated air inspired by nature. Light grey paint with undertones of blue like the contemporary Gauze is a less harsh alternative to bright whites.

Grey paints are often seen as a cool shade, however, with undertones of brown and yellow you can warm up your rooms with down-to-earth greys. A go-to choice since white paint was tinted with soot and ochre in the Georgian era, warm grey paint colours such as Silt are a popular interior design choice.

Neutral grey wall paint is commonly found in historical properties, and its enduring popularity is no surprise. These shades strike a balance between warm and cool tones and sophisticated colours such as the elegant French Grey.

Dark grey paint offsets smaller spaces with a glamorous touch that’s ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and studies. Relaxing and chic, dark greys like Scree and Lamp Black elevates any space. 

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