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Support Level: Firm and Extra Firm :  Generously upholstered with naturally soft and breathable layers of silk, wool, cotton and Solotex™, which...
Support Level: Medium :  The Bedstead Ortho is a no turn mattress. Generally, mattresses stuffed full of natural fillings require regular rotation and...
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Support Level: Gentle, Medium and Firm :  A combination of pocket springs and durable spring-within-a-spring “Microlution technology” ensure a firmer but very comfortable...
Support Level: Gentle :  The standard foam fillings are stitched over the open coil posture spring system. With fillings on both side you...
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Support Level: Medium :  The Regent has a Medium support level posture spring system, topped with deep layers of sumptuous foam fillings making...
Support Level: Firm :  The Washington is a firm support level pocket spring mattress. Layers of standard foam fillings are tufted, and air...
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