Get A Pinterest-Worthy Bedroom for Spring
Get A Pinterest-Worthy Bedroom for Spring

Get A Pinterest-Worthy Bedroom

Over the last year, we can all agree that the one room in the house that’s pulled its weight is the bedroom. It’s been an office, living room and dining room (no judgement here!) all in one. With spring fast approaching there’s no better time to spruce up our sleeping spaces and shake things up to welcome in the (fingers crossed) nicer weather.


With sunshine and longer days on the way, it’s the perfect time to transform your hibernation den into a bright and stylish room you won’t want to leave, even if the weather’s nice. Even better, it’s national bed month!


Each March, the Sleep Council spends the month spreading awareness about the importance of a great nights sleep, and we have an official reason to completely overhaul our bedroom furniture.


When it comes to giving your bedroom a makeover, every DIY-er or home decor enthusiast knows the only place to garner bedroom inspiration is Pinterest. Flawless decor in oh-so-on trend styles, Pinterest is a hub for stylish and seemingly inimitable fashions. In honour of bed month, we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you need to replicate some of Pinterest's most popular bedroom decor ideas!

The Rustic Look

In the past couple of years, one trend has gone above and beyond other fads; and when you take a quick look at the rustic bedroom tag on Pinterest it’s easy to see why. Channelling the cosiest of vibes, this homespun look incorporates a provincial feel with a modern twist.

Recreating this look is simpler than you’d think! Solid wood bedroom furniture is an absolute must-have for giving the room an unpolished note. Rustic oak furniture gives a comfortable and warm feeling to your bedroom and even larger spaces can have a snug feel. Our Salerno Shaker is a perfect example of the wooden bedframes dominating Pinterest!


Once you’ve checked oak bedroom furniture off your to-do list, giving your space a sylvan sensibility is a walk in the park. This trend is heavily influenced by nature, so why not add some decor inspired by the great outdoors? Throw cushions are a great way to infuse your country-inspired room while keeping things comfy. 

Embrace your inner hippy with Boho-chic

Similar to the rustic trend, the boho bedroom is a firm favourite for an aesthetic room that's guaranteed to wow in the next zoom call. The bohemian style is easy to achieve, and leaves you with a calming space that’s practically soporific! With a natural-looking vibe, wooden bedframes are taking centre stage again with the boho look.

Our Frank Hudson boho boutique bed is a stunning example of a bohemian bed frame, that serves as a striking centrepiece for any bedroom! Considering we should be spending at least eight hours a day in bed, why not do it in style? The weathered wood king size bed frame pairs perfectly with neutral coloured bed sheets and warmer toned throws.


Of course, the key part of nailing the hippie feel is the decor. Warm-toned accessories fit fantastically with the overall look, especially ones with a worldly look. Our Faiza lanterns are a Pinterest devotees dream and are a brilliant way to add some warmth to your room.


You can even add some of your very own flower power, with greenery featuring heavily on boho-chic Pinterest boards. Studies show that interacting with plants before you go to bed can improve your sleep and general health, so go all out! Shelving is important for showing off your green thumb, and adding your spin on this trend; being a nonconformist is key!

Have a Getaway (kind of) with a Scandinavian Look

The prevailing trend of 2020 is indisputably Scandi Style. Well, maybe face masks stole it’s thunder a little bit, but it still reigns supreme on the home decor inspiration scene! If you haven’t heard of this trend, don’t worry, the feeling it inspires is not the same ones as assembling flatpack furniture.


Scandi-style is based on the Danish word “Hygge” which means “fun” when translated literally, however, it’s taken on a different meaning! It means to find comfort in simple and soothing things.


The hygge philosophy makes for calming and cosy bedroom decor, which is amazing for winding down and getting a good forty winks. Minimalist stylings, neutral coloured beds and pops of colour like pink, yellow and blue are the style points to hit for a Scandinavian inspired bedroom that you won’t want to leave in the morning.

Our Malini magnolia cushion adds a little splash of colour while keeping up with the snug style of the trend! Scandi style is all about minimalism, so you’ll want to squirrel away all of your clutter to get the feel right. A storage bed is a fabulously practical way of merging fashion and functionality, and our divan beds are available in a range of styles to suit you.

Getting a good night's rest

No matter what bedroom vibe gets you mining Pinterest for inspiration, it’s no surprise that during a stressful year the most popular trends embody calm and a sense of cosiness. We spend at least a third of our lives asleep, so it’s important to make sure that we spend that time in a comfortable space! And, of course, invest in some enviable furnishings

Since it’s national bed month, it’s worth taking a look at your bedroom and finding a style that puts you to sleep, in a good way of course. Here at Taylors on the high street, we know just how important a good bed is to healthy sleeping habits, which is why we’re offering savings to help you get a great kip. With each bed you purchase, we’re giving away pillows, so you can rest easy on a premium quality bed while saving extra cash! 

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