3 Simple Steps To Keep Your Amtico Flooring In Top Condition
3 Simple Steps To Keep Your Amtico Flooring In Top Condition

While the weather where we are might suggest differently at the moment, we’re well into spring. One of everyone’s favourite (or least favourite depending on how messy the house is) parts of springtime is sprucing up your space and ending up with a perfect home for welcoming in the warm weather. 

We all love a new coat of paint to overhaul overtired walls, or a new knickknack here and there to liven up your shelves, but it’s easy to overlook probably the biggest feature in every home. The floor, if you’re surprised, bear with me! One of the first things people notice in the house are your floors, and they often need more upkeep than you would imagine.

If zhushing up your floor is a bit of new territory for you then not to worry, we’re here to help you navigate the terrain of floorcare with some of the best products on the market. Our range of Amtico floor products is wonderful for keeping your floors in tip-top shape, and in this blog, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at how they all work.

Stop The Mess Before It Gets In

There’s nothing like a preemptive strike when it comes to keeping the house looking great, but before you bring out the clingfilm, there are no 80’s style plastic coverings for your furniture here. Stop any guests (or family members) tracking dirt into the house with a good old fashioned Amtico entrance mat



Amtico Washable Doormat


 Keep Your Home Clean With A Doormat That Works

Now, of course, an entrance mat is a must-have for any house. However, an Amtico entrance mat has a lot more to offer than your run of the mill “welcome-now-take-off-your-shoes” doormats. This mat is made from a super absorbent material that quickly soaks up any rain (a must-have for us here in Banchory!) and is 100% cotton for a non-staining miracle worker.


If you have pets or wee ones running around outside and bringing home most of the outdoors back in with them, then these Amtico floor mats are your new best friend. They’re completely machine washable, so bid adieu to grubby floor mats and the non-slip rubber backing keeps it perfectly in place.



Get Started With All The Tricks Of The Trade


Whether you have an Amtico floor or not, getting all the bits and pieces you need to keep your flooring looking fabulous is the next step in keeping your house sparkling. Luckily, the folks over at Amtico have planned ahead and made up a super handy start-up kit that’ll get you on the road to perfect flooring.


When it comes to keeping your home ‘just so’ the Amtico Floorcare Starter Kit is wonderful for dipping your toes into maintaining your floors, before you dive in the deep end. So, let’s talk through what you’ll get from the kit. For protecting your floor from any lumps and bumps, the felt pads are brilliant. All you have to do is pop them onto the furniture you move around the most, and reduce unsightly scuffing without effort.


Amtico Floorcare Starter Kit

                  Take On Flooring With The Amtico Floorcare Starter Kit


If your floors have been going without protective felt pads, this kit has a nifty non-abrasive nylon pad that gets rid of scuffs and scrapes in no time. And if disaster strikes, then the anti-bacterial spillage remover gets to work to stop staining, and all while being lemon-scented!


Keep Your Floors Protected


Now that we’ve conquered grime and triumphed over scrapes it’s time to move onto shielding your floors. The Amtico Floor Dressing is perfect for protecting your flooring from anything that the world throws at them. Designed for use on vinyl, rubber, and linoleum flooring we’ve got two options for you to peruse.


The Antico Matt Floor Dressing leaves, as the name suggests, a matt finish on your floor. More than that though, as it also specially formulated to leave a protective layer that protects your flooring from scratches and stains. 


"The Amtico Floor Dressing is perfect for protecting your flooring from anything that the world throws at them."


Now the Antico Satin Finish Floor Dressing leaves, again it’s in the name, a satin finish that gives a subtle shine. This floor dressing is designed to dry quickly, in under an hour, in fact, so you won’t be stranded on the sofa for long. This protective layer is brilliant for keeping your floors in great condition and ensures you won’t have to worry about repairs down the line.


Maintaining Your Perfect Floors


Congratulations, you’ve made it to the final step and you’re officially a connoisseur of cleaning floors! Now that all the stages are in places, all you need to do is keep it up. Luckily, Antico has a solution for that too. Regularly cleaning your floors is important, of course, but the Amtico Maintainer goes the extra mile and gives you a professional finish you’ll want to show off.


The Amtico Maintainer does exactly what it says on the tin. Or on the bottle in this case. This floor cleaner is used for regular spot cleaning and keeping your flooring fabulous. It’s specially formulated for being used often, so there are no harsh chemicals or corrosive materials.


The entire Amtico Range is all about high quality and unbeatable results. So, no matter where you got it if you have rubber, linoleum or vinyl flooring and want a professional finish then look no further.

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