Taylor’s 2021 Fathers Day Gift Guide
Taylor’s 2021 Fathers Day Gift Guide

Let’s face it. Shopping for Dads is an absolute nightmare. If they’ve not already picked it up themselves at some point they probably aren’t even thinking about what they want. If you’ve found yourself wondering if he needs yet another smart jumper or whether or not he’d use some newfangled garden tool, fear not. Here at Taylor’s on the High Street, we’re on hand with some brilliant ideas for a unique father’s day gift for the Dads in your life.

With just over a week to go before the big day, we’ll make sure you can pick up a great gift that they’ll love, and don’t already have. 

Make Up For Lost (Sleeping) Time

One of the first things you wave goodbye as you step into the wonderful world of parenthood is a healthy sleep schedule. Between restless babies and demanding toddlers, it’s almost impossible to get some proper rest and relaxation when you’re a busy Dad. We don’t have a way to replace all those lost moments of snoozing, but we can help you make up ground with a few ideas.


You can’t make up for all that lost sleep, but you can get a headstart on grumpy mornings with enough caffeine. You can order handy subscription boxes that keep coffee connoisseurs and dog-tired dads alike on the move. Whether you want to up the ante with bold new flavours from the Blue Coffee Box, or just make sure that running out is never an issue with Grind there’s something for everyone. 

Of course, coffee is a brilliant but temporary solution to the age-old “I am a parent, hear me yawn” issue, but what about something a little more substantial? We have heaps of different gift ideas for all the tired fathers in your life, so they can get the kip they deserve. Why not treat them to a luxurious Spundown Pillow, from The Fine Bedding Company, and make sure they can have the best nap possible?

Help Them Make A Statement

With restrictions in the UK finally easing, we can spend this fathers day getting out and about in our best clothes instead of toasting over Zoom in our comfiest loungewear. We’ve all spent far too long indoors, so why not give the gift of style for this fathers day? Our activewear has been working overtime, and it’s long overdue for an overhaul. 

Our Malcolm Appleby range of jewellery features classic and elegant pieces handmade right here in Scotland. We talked all about it in our Mothers day blog earlier this year, but you’ll be chuffed to know that there are pieces perfect for dads as well! 

The Malcolm Appleby Pheasant cufflinks make for a one in a million gift, with a painstakingly hand-etched design. Malcolm Appleby takes his inspiration from nature, and the Salmon Cufflinks are also no exception. Whether he’s a big fan of the great outdoors, a fashion enthusiast, or both; these cufflinks make for a fantastic gift.

Give Them The Gift Of Comfort

Being a dad is one of the toughest jobs out there. So we can probably all agree that they should at least be comfy while doing it. If old fashioned cards and TV shows are to be believed, every dad should have a superbly comfortable plush armchair; and we couldn’t agree more.



Tetrad Harris Tweed Nairn Armchair


A warm and cosy addition to any living room, an armchair can make any house a home. We have a range of different designs to choose from, so you can make sure you have the perfect option for any home and any dad. You can go for a timelessly elegant Tetrad Harris Tweed Nairn Armchair, which comes in plenty of versatile fabric swatches. Or be the best in comfort with the Libra Dalston Rocking Chair.

You can even go all out with all the trimmings, like a soft throw. Either way, an armchair for dad is a wonderful addition to your living room. 

Spend Some Quality Time

Of course, giving your dad, grandad, or husband the perfect fathers day gift is important. However, with a full year spent apart from the people we love the most, another fathers day over Zoom is probably the last thing any of us want to do. So this year, give the gift of quality time. There are heaps of fun activities we’ve all been missing, so there are plenty of things to do.



Fun Fathers Day Activities


Restaurants and pubs have opened their doors, so why not treat him (and yourself of course) to a spot of lunch? Or visit one of the many brilliant UK zoos for a fun day out the kids will love. Soak up the sun as the heatwave shows no sign of moving on at your local park, or even enjoy a perfect summer beach day. 

If you fancy something a little closer to home, we talked about how you can throw yourself into some fantastic DIY projects with Little Greene Paint in last weeks blog. No matter what gift you go for, there’s nothing better than spending some good old fashioned quality time with the people you care about the most.

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