New Year, New Home! Our Top 5 2022 Home Decor Predicted Trends
New Year, New Home! Our Top 5 2022 Home Decor Predicted Trends

It’s 2022!


We’re officially (finally) leaving 2021 behind and moving on to, fingers crossed, a better and brighter new year. We all have new years resolutions for ourselves, whether it’s hitting the gym or learning a new language, but what about our homes? While we’re investing in ourselves this time of year, our home decor often needs a little TLC after the busy Christmas period. 



If you think the place looks a little bare after all the decorations are taken down and back in the attic, you aren’t the only one. So why not use the spirit of new beginnings and get your home ready to take on this year?




We have five of our favourite 2022 home decor trends that interior design experts think will be taking over this year, so you can get ahead of what’s trendy and have your home looking gorgeous. With everything from 2022 paint colour trends to how your garden is more important than you’d think, we have all the inspo you need.



The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side


With greener pastures on the horizon in 2022, the same can be said for walls


We saw green paint colours enjoying a massive jump in popularity towards the end of last year, and it looks like the trend is here to stay in 2022. We already touched on why these shades are making neutrals green with envy in our colour trend blog, but it bears repeating! Green paint is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors inside, with a down to earth vibe inspired by nature.



After two years spent staring at the same walls, it’s no surprise that neutral beiges and greys are being thoroughly ditched in favour of more colourful shades. Green is a perfect choice, as it offers a pop of colour without being overbearing, and adds warmth and calm with its earthy tones.



                            Green Paint Colours




We love the aptly named Cupboard Green from the Little Greene Paint Company, as it fits perfectly in kitchens for an inviting makeover. Or why not opt for the shade on everyone’s lips, Sage Green? The timelessness and multi-faceted nature of green paint mean you can create effortless elegance with a deeper shade like Obsidian Green




Of course, if repainting your walls is a little too big of a project right after the holidays, you can always incorporate green into your home decor with furnishing touches, like the Malini Luxe Cushion.




It’s About Time For Clocks To Come Back 


Oversized wall clocks are back, and just in time for the new year!

Many of the predicted trends for 2022 involve getting back to our roots and putting a modern twist on comforting styles that were popularised in years gone by. Horology has seen a massive resurgence, and oversized wall clock decor is one of the biggest home decor trends experts think we’ll be seeing this year. 




The perfect meld of fashion and function, wall clocks are a must-have for family homes and can be used in nearly any room, but are ideal for living rooms and kitchens. While we might just check our phones for the time these days, the clock aesthetic is taking off in 2022 and adds a timeless (pun intended) feel to your home.




We love the bold and unique range of designs from Thomas Kent, including the chic yet classic Clocksmith Wall Clock, available in two styles to suit your home. If something a little more romantic is your thing, then you’ll love the Eden Wall Clock, which uses pressed flowers for a unique design inspired by nature. It also works wonderfully with our next trend…



Get Back To Basics This New Year


Cottagecore style makes living the simple life easier than ever.

Cottagecore rose in popularity over the year, and it’s not hard to see why! Cottagecore is all about the simple things, borrowing inspiration from cosy country cottages with a classic feel. With natural and rustic elements, this charming trend is here to stay going into 2022.




Even if you’re in the middle of a city, this home decor style embraces the outdoors and is easily spotted by its classic colour palette of both muted and bright colours. We’ve all needed a bit of calm, and Cottagecore gives you the perfect sanctuary.



Laura Ashley Aria Duvet Cover

           Source: Pinterest




While you might think of frilly doilies and granny-style ceramics, this trend can be subtly introduced and modernised to have a more contemporary feel. Ideal all over the home, bedrooms can especially benefit from the calming effect of this decor style.




We love the Laura Ashley range, which uses a down to earth colour palette and botanical prints. The Aria duvet set and the Parterre duvet set both use fabulous florals and muted pastels, making them a wonderful option for a countryside feel. You can also add extra touches, with the Magnolia Grove Cushion.





Get Away From The Cutting Edge 


We’re on the edge of our seats to see where this trend goes


You might have noticed a theme with these trends. Many of the predicted trends this year are all about being warm and inviting, and getting back to our roots with less of a manmade feel. While sharp and angular edges are wonderfully chic in their own right, 2022 is all about going with the flow. 






Kyoto Lux Sofabed






Many furniture pieces and furnishings this year and embracing curved and flowing lines, with everything from rugs to sofas incorporating soft rounded edges. These curves give a warm and more inviting feel to your home, softening up many pieces with a more timeless look that can be used in any part of your home!




We love the Kyoto Sofabed range, which is available in a wide array of arresting colours that are seriously on-trend right now. We love the soft edges of Lux, and the fact it comes in three stylish colours. If you’re looking for a more classic style, then the dramatic curves of the Tetrad Harris Tweed Alban Chair are for you.




Great Gardens

Who says you need to wait for your holidays to get away from it all?

We’ve all been through it in the last couple of years, so it’s no surprise that relaxing resort-style is predicted to come into fashion. We might not have tropical weather here in Aberdeenshire, but we’re taking cues from tropical resorts for a fabulous look that elevates any garden. We’ve explored how to get the perfect patio on our blog before, and our tips are coming in handy!



Think Miami Outdoor Rug


Luxurious touches such as outdoor rugs and clocks add an effortless element of glamour to your garden for a relaxing place to unwind. Classic materials such as wicker and rattan are on-trend this year, and our hanging egg chair is the perfect way to introduce it to your patio.

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