Meet The Interior Designer Making Dream Homes A Reality
Meet The Interior Designer Making Dream Homes A Reality

Here at Taylor’s on the High Street, we know a thing or two about amazing home decor. We’ve been providing our neighbours in Banchory with high-quality furniture from the best designers, fabulous flooring, and so much more since 1981.

The crew behind Taylor’s has a diverse range of experience and talents in home decor, and our resident interior designer Steph brings her expertise to transform every one of our client’s homes. For this week’s blog, we had a chat with Steph about her favourite design trends, busy colour schemes, and no-frills curtains! 

So if you’re after some tips on what colour to paint your walls or just fancy a behind the scenes look at our process, then stay tuned for home decor inspo straight from the experts.

From Aberdeenshire and Back Again

Steph is a fresh new addition to the team at Taylor’s on the High Street, working with us since March of this year. Already though the go-to expert for all things interior. Steph studied textiles at Gray's University in Aberdeen before heading to London and showing off her eye for great designs by working in visual merchandising for Laura Ashley in 2015.


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A couple of years later in 2017 she returned to Aberdeen and started working for Sterling before becoming a part of Taylor’s on the High Street.

Take A Look Behind The Scenes 

Changing up your home can be a bit of a daunting process, but at Taylor’s, we guide you through from start to finish. First off, Steph begins with which room of the house you’re looking to zhush up. She’s seen everything, from hallways to whole houses so you’re in good hands!  Once the idea of the space is sorted out, it’s time to decide exactly how much of a makeover you need. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding a few finishing flourishes. 



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Then it’s on to the really fun part. Choosing the right colour scheme that complements your space and finding the right flooring, blinds, or curtains for your home makes a huge difference and the ideal shades are key. Once you have a few ideas, one of our experts from Taylor’s will pay a visit to your home for your free (free!) measuring service that makes sure your flooring and furnishings are a perfect fit.

That’s not all though, we can also advise you on what sort of paint would best suit your space as well as suggest stunning furniture options tailored to your taste. Once your free measurement service has gone ahead, Steph or another member of the team will set up an in-store appointment for you to choose your favourite pieces. You can browse through gorgeous fabrics, poles and even create a custom mood board before receiving your quote.

Trends To Watch Out For

Of course, we’d be mad to have a chat with Steph without asking her about her favourite trends of the last year. After all, who could be better to ask for home decor inspo than an interior designer? When it came to her personal favourites there was a definite number one: the Pantone colour of the year. 

This year, the vibrant yellow shade “Illumination” paired with the more neutral “Ultimate Grey” came out on top as Pantones favourite shade of the year. After a pretty bleak year, this uplifting colour scheme is seriously cheering without being too in-your-face. It’s no wonder that these shades are Steph's favourite trend right now. She pointed out that this scheme is both stylish and versatile and goes brilliantly with both classic and modern builds.


Little Greene Paint Carys 148

Brighten Up Your Home With Warming Yellow and Grey Paints



So if you’ve been umming and ahhing about colours to paint your walls, look no further! Our range from the Little Greene Paint company has plenty of sunny yellow paint colours and muted greys to go with. For a bright yellow similar to “Illumination” try Carys or Sunlight, and for “Ultimate Grey” Gauze Deep and Bone China Blue are classic options that look great in any home.

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Decor

Now that we have the tips she would recommend, what about her pet hates? The list is super short, and boils down to less fluff and frills! When it comes to curtains Steph mentioned that she prefers cleaner lines and a more modern look than the more classic frills and ruffles. Luckily though a more contemporary and chic feel is in style at the moment and seems to be a trend that’s not leaving any time soon.

When it comes to do’s and don’ts for DIY changes around the home both big and small, the main advice Steph had to offer was to keep things simple. Decorating your home can be stressful and it’s easy to get a bit overwhelmed. You want your home to be a soothing space you can relax and unwind in, so don’t keep it looking too busy. Stick to a colour palette of three, with a neutral in the mix to balance out the look, and have fun! Your home is an extension of you so don’t be afraid to go for bolder colours.

Make Decorating Fun!

With so much advice on how to decorate your home out there, it can get a tad confusing at times. However, the most important thing is to create a home you enjoy! We think Steph said it best when she said:

“That’s what the interior design process is all about, having fun”

To book an in-store appointment with us simply fill out your details here, and don’t forget to take a look at our incredible flooring fitting service. Whatever you need for the home you’ve been dreaming of, the team at Taylor’s on the High Street has it covered.

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