Yellow Paint Colours

Incorporating yellow paint into your colour scheme allows you to bring a little bit of sunshine into your home, with all the warmth and light of the outdoors. The ideal way to easily brighten a room, yellow wall paint is perfect for hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms; as well as for furniture upcycling. This high-end range of paints from The Little Greene Paint Company offers many shades of yellow paint, so browse our collection and find your inspiration.

Yellow paint invokes feelings of warmth and the outdoors, and muted yellow paint colours use their natural pigments to bring your garden inside. Shades such as Oak Apple, which has a green undertone for a down-to-earth hue. Sunlight is a classic yellow, a reduction of ochre and titanium that lights up any room with its naturally occurring pigments. Muted yellows pair with many colours, including grey and blue.

Strong yellow paint shades create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, whether you use the hue as an all-over colour or as a corresponding colour as part of a colour scheme. For a timeless and understated finish try Yellow-Pink, a rich earthy hue. As part of your colour scheme, try pairing shades like Mister David with subtle shades such as Stock Mid.

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