How To Create A Scandi Style Living Room
How To Create A Scandi Style Living Room
Scandi and Nordic home trends have taken over the world in the last few years, with Scandinavian designs and brands claiming the top spot in the industry. But what is "Scandi" design and how can you replicate it?
Scandi means simply, from Scandinavia. All you have to do is look at the vast array of social media posts of homes sporting the tags "Nordic" and"hygge" to get a better understanding of this interior trend and just how popular it is. However, for those who have yet to be charmed by this trend, it can be best described as a simplistic yet fashionable way of interior decorating which encompasses minimalism and nature.  
The Scandinavian culture oozes sustainable sophistication in more ways than one, so we thought we would share with you some tips and products to help you create a Scandi style living room!


Get cosy with HYGGE 

HYGGE, a Danish word for cosiness, is at the centre of Scandi home design. It is used to accentuate the feeling of warmth and comfort in your home from the simple things in life such as lighting candles, baking and spending time with family. 

To create a HYGGE feel to your living room, embrace soft textures such as throws, rugs and cushions as well as decorative accessories such as candles, hurricanes and vases! Here are some of our top HYGGE picks for a very scandi living room. 


To browse our cushion and throw section click here, or if you are looking for rugs click here.

Simplistic Furniture Designs and Minimal Clutter


Simple goes a long way when it comes to Scandi Style and that is one of the things we love about it. Choose furniture that is minimal and simple in design, yet still practical and comfortable (especially if it is a sofa or chair). 

Scandi style is famously minimalistic, so make sure that your living room does not appear to be too cluttered. If storage is an issue, look for furniture items with storage options such as a sideboard or coffee table with drawers.  Below you will find some of our favourite designs which are great for small living rooms where storage is a must. 

Why not have a look at our Dansk Collection for some inspiration.

Go for soft subtle shades

Though eclectic colours might be what we see on a lot of programs such as Scotlands Best Home of The Year. To create that calm zen space that comes with Scandi Style, lots of crazy colours is a big no. Instead, go for a neutral palette for your primary living room colours such as walls, flooring and furniture. Then complement with soft pops of colour through cushions, throws and accessories. 

Here are our favourite soft paint colours to help you crest your scandi style living room.

For more paint have a look at our Little Greene Paint Collection for luxury pint colours and finishes.

A touch of nature

Scandinavians appreciate nature and it shows in their daily lifestyle and homes. Add touches of nature to your living room with different sized plants scattered around the room. Try a tall tree in a corner with a ceramic pot or put some smaller potted plants on countertops or side tables for added decoration. Whatever you choose it has been proven that having plants and greenery in your home not only adds precious oxygen but also can help to alleviate stress and create a calmer atmosphere.

This simplistic yet ultra-fashionable way of styling is easy to replicate and upkeep even for the busiest of homes. If you are looking for more home styling ideas then have a look at our online collection which has new arrivals uploaded every week. Or why not book an appointment to come and see our showroom in Banchory with our trusted team. 

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