Here's The Top Colour Trends You NEED To Be Following!
Here's The Top Colour Trends You NEED To Be Following!

New Season, New Shades.



It’s officially autumn! While fun in the sun is all well and good, we’re enjoying the later months of the year with cosy nights in front of Netflix. Even better, now that things are getting back on track we can actually spend all the upcoming holidays with house guests. Although, if you feel like your home’s been a little neglected during the last year, you’re not alone. 



With most of our nights in being spent without any guests, it’s no surprise that a lot of people are finding their homes a little behind on the trends! A surefire way to quickly upgrade your home is by introducing some of the latest colour trends to your interiors, and we’re taking you through some of our faves. So, if you’ve been looking for some home decor inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

Make Your Guests Green With Envy


One of the best home decor colour trends 2021 had to offer was all of the stunning shades of green ruling Pinterest. With so many tones on offer, green paint colours have so much to offer and can complement many parts of the house


Sage Green



Probably the most popular colour of the last year, sage green paint is a modern yet classic shade that’s ideal for a calming atmosphere. A fabulous way to brighten up hallways and kitchens, without resorting to boring old white, sage green is the perfect all-over colour. 



Dark Green



The slightly more grown-up sister of sage green, that’s also been taking the interior design world by storm recently, is of course dark green colours like emerald green and forest green. Sophisticated and calming, these shades make for wonderful accent walls and give a luxurious art deco feel, especially with furniture like the Bentley Designs Hirst Dining Tables. For a more subtle addition, why not try accents such as the gorgeous Malini Byzantine Cushion?



Go Bold Or Go Home



Greys are so 2020. Don’t get us wrong! We love the touch of opulence neutral greys can bring to a home, but with so much of the last year spent between four walls, we think it’s time to bring the colour in! The bolder the better, bright paint colours are a brilliant way to give your home some personality. Adding poppy accents like yellow paint or bright pink cushions are an amazing way to revamp your space, and when it comes to furniture; colourful is in.



Bright paint Colours


A great way to incorporate bright colours into your home, without feeling like you’ve got a migraine coming on, is to pair them with a solid darker colour. Navy colours are perfect for complementing bright colours without clashing and goes with almost anything. The Artemis Two Seater Sofa is super stylish, or try adding a navy accent wall with the Little Greene Paint shade Royal Navy.



Fall For Autumn Ready Oranges



Ok, so we admit that this could just be our excitement for all the hot chocolate and falling leaves talking, but orange paint colours are a big favourite right now! Partly due to the shift away from cooler tones and partly due to the mid-century home trend that’s become popular recently, shades of orange paint are a warming touch.



Kyoto Lux Sofa Bed




Taking inspiration from the earthy tones of the 70s, a burnt orange paint colour adds an on-trend feel that stays unique. For a more modern look, burnt orange furniture like the Kyoto Lux Sofa Bed gives an amazing feel.


Keep It Pretty In Pink



One of the most versatile, and most popular, colours of the last year and beyond is definitely pink paint colours. With everything from magenta to blush pink paint taking over social media, involving pink in your home decor is easier than ever. For a bold look, splashes of bright pink furnishings make all the difference for an on-trend home that’s Instagram ready. Adding a bold pink like Mischief from the Little Greene Paint Company makes a statement and instantly turns your space into a stylish paradise.



Kyoto Juno Sofa Bed



On the opposite end of the spectrum, dusty pink paint colours are a warm and down to earth way to add pinks to your rooms. If you’re as into scandi style as we are (check out our tips for a scandi style living room here) then the Kyoto Juno Sofa Bed is an amazing choice, with Scandinavian inspired legs and a gorgeous blush pink upholstery.

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