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The art of colour, a is a beautiful thing - so why not introduce a splash of colour to your decor with...
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Bringing the family spirit of a herd of elephants to life, this sculpture is the ideal gift for those who dream of...
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This detailed sculpture features an adorable silver look hedgehog - a lovely addition to any home or garden decor! Dimensions: 9cm x...
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Elegant and luxurious, this contemporary sculpture is a design to be admired. Depicting a female gymnast with a ribbon, this stylish sculpture...
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Bright gold lizard inspired, never miss another another detail with this quirky magnifier! Colour: Gold Dimensions: 5 cm x 30 cm x...
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A set of 2 concrete finish resin birds. Dimensions: 15cm x 22cm x 14cm
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Undeniably one of the most magnificent animals found on the Serengeti, this sculpture captures the journey of a mother and baby elephant....
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Silver Curled Hedgehog Sculpture Capturing this cherished creature in a sweet curled-up pose, this silver hedgehog ornament will make the ideal treat...
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