White Paint Colours

The most versatile of shades, white paint colours complement a wide range of bold colour schemes. When used as the sole wall paint colour white paint creates a bright and airy finish that suggests space and light, while also serving as the perfect accent colour for ceilings, skirting boards, and door frames.

True neutral white shades provide a true blank canvas that allows wall art and home decor choices to stand out. Many neutral based whites like Loft White have no colour at all, this shade in particular is a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative to brilliant white. For more minimalist home styles, white paint colours with cool undertones such as Shirting are an excellent choice. Neutral whites with brown undertones like French Grey Pale offsets strong colours and suit hallways and kitchens.

Another way to warm up off white paint is using a shade with pink undertones, for a warm and comfortable atmosphere that can either be the main wall colour or as part of a colour scheme. Paler shades like China Clay is wonderful as a coordinating colour, while China Clay Mid and Julie’s Dream can stand alone. For a brightening colour that gives every room a sunnier disposition decorate using whites with a yellow undertone such as the aged creamy White Lead. 

White wall paint from The Little Greene Paint Company all incorporate depth of colour and the long-lasting finish you can expect from the brand, no matter where you use the paint. And with the signature intelligent matt emulsion, you can enjoy sustainable and washable paint.

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