Red & Pink Paint Colours

Two of the most versatile shades, from candy apple red paint to dusky pink paint, red and pink colour schemes can be used in any room of any home. Traditionally, these paint shades were very expensive to produce. Using a red and pink paint colour suggested a level of opulence and this elegance has persisted even now in the modern-day. The Little Greene Company knows a thing or two about luxury, and their high-quality paints reflect their knowledge of home design and decoration.

Red paint colours and pink paint colours come in a varied range of undertones and shades, all of which have the signature Little Greene depth of colour. For a deeper paint colour that creates a sense of softness, try muted reds and pinks. Tuscan Red is a deep terracotta pigment that has been used for centuries, or for a warm dusty pink paint popular with designers, try Dorchester Pink.

On the other hand, bright red and pink paint is a statement-making option, whether for a feature wall or for use all over the room. For a sophisticated feel, use bright burgundy hues like Theatre Red, or for a more energetic atmosphere in kitchens or living rooms magenta shades like Mischief are a must-have.


For a sweeter and more youthful look, light reds and pinks like the ever-popular baby pink are a wonderful choice. Light pink paint shades such as Chemise and Pink Slip are a way to incorporate light pinks without it being too sugary.

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