Orange Paint Colours

A contemporary warming shade with plenty of character, orange wall paint effuses closeness and uniquely modern quality. A surprisingly versatile colour, orange paint has a brightening effect ideal for the rooms in your home where family and friends gather around. Orange paint colours are known for creating a more social atmosphere, and it’s not surprising that charismatic orange paint colours are a conversation piece all of their own.  

Orange paint colours are known for their striking looks, but also for the effect that they have on us! Orange has been said to encourage your appetite, which is why orange kitchen paint is such a popular colour scheme. Incorporating an orange colour scheme into your home gives many opportunities for decorating, and pairs perfectly with natural wooden floors and furniture, or paired with colourful upholstery for a colour-pop inspired look.

For a calming alternative to bright orange paint colours, orange-brown paint is an excellent choice for a cosy kitchen and dining room. A subtle shade such as Stone Pale Warm introduces orangey hues without overwhelming the room, and this honeyed shade suggests a comfortable warmth. 

Red-orange paint shades like Orange Aurora serves as a fantastic accent colour when paired with more subtle hues, or as an all-over colour for upcycling furniture with a modern feel. A classic bold orange is excellent for bright colour schemes and Marigold is an attention-grabbing choice.

The Little Greene Paint Company specialises in luxurious paints that offer a stunning depth of colour and a long-lasting finish, so take a look at our orange paint colours and find the shade for you.

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