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Get Your Best Night's Sleep And Enjoy A Stylish Rest With Nimbus Beds

Enjoying both form and functionality when it comes to your nightly sleep can be a challenge, so why not opt for something a little more bespoke? Nobody sleeps the same way, and no two tastes are the same, which is why in 2014 Nimbus Beds set out to change the way we approach our 40 winks. Here at Taylor’s on the High Street, we offer a range of chic yet comfortable bed frames and mattresses from Nimbus Beds, so you can drift off in style. 

One of the most important things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep is by treating yourself to a super comfortable mattress. Your mattress makes a huge difference depending on your sleeping position and what firmness you prefer, which is why Nimbus Beds are part of a wide range to suit every sleeper! 

Handcrafted with care to provide a high level of quality with every night’s sleep, every sleep need is catered to within this range. For those with back trouble, the orthopaedic springs in the Nimbus Beds bestselling Evolve Mattress make for a much more comfortable sleep experience. Or for those that tend to overheat at night why not opt for the non-heat retentive Posture Pocket 1000 Mattress.

While their mattresses offer incredible comfort, the real showstopper is their on-trend bed frames. With their signature quality upholstery and commanding headboards, Nimbus bed frames are instantly noticeable. The Montero and Lousianna Bed Frames are specially designed to offer a bed that feels comfortable and cosy while maintaining style. Or, why not mix fashion and function with a fabulous ottoman?

Nimbus beds are the perfect choice for anyone serious about sleep and style, so what are you waiting for? Improve your night’s rest and give your room a makeover with a gorgeous bed frame.

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