Green Paint Colours

The most natural of colours, green paint suggests a lush and restful atmosphere ideal for the rooms in your home that require total relaxation. Bathrooms and bedrooms benefit the most from green paint shades, while dark green paint transforms studies and living spaces with a glamorous and timeless feature. Our range of green paint colours from The Little Greene Paint Company carries a wide variety of hues from sage green paint to emerald green paint for every home.

Green exudes a natural feel and serves as a wonderfully versatile colour that’s right at home in any room. Warm greens with yellow undertones like Pale Lime adds vibrant energy to your home with a brightening touch. On the opposite end of the spectrum, muted greens are a classic choice used in home design for years. Colours like the in-vogue Sage Green have been an enduring staple since the Victorian era, or the subtle Kitchen Green which is reminiscent of the outdoors, are popular for their calming effect.

Pale green paint is another, less “in your face” way of incorporating greens into your colour scheme. Shades such as the slightly blue-toned Aquamarine Mid create a natural sense of light and makes rooms appear more spacious.

For a more powerful shade, strong green wall paint creates a timeless glamour in every room. Stronger green shades such as Green Verditer is perfect for a bold and unmissable wall. Blue-green paints like Canton are another way to add striking colour while maintaining the down-to-earth feeling green paint is so popular for.

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