Brintons Carpets

Brintons believe that a carpet is never just a carpet. Since 1783 they've seen it as a way to bring your home to life, helping you to express yourself in ways that you never thought possible.

Reputation is important to them so they work hard to make sure you get the very best for your money and if you invest in a Brintons carpet they promise you will become the owner of a floor you can be proud of - practical and hardwearing, as well as beautiful – that will continue to look great for years to come.

Brintons develop all of their designs and colours in their studios and control the manufacturing process from start to finish: After selecting only the best fleeces, they spin and dye yarn to stringent quality standards, mixing together wool with nylon to create their special Brintons ‘80/20’ blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon, guaranteeing a carpet that is soft yet strong.

Brintons speciality is woven carpets: Wilton, which is great for textured plains and Axminster, a process that allows the creation of breathtaking patterns. they use our expert knowledge to weave the very best quality carpet for you and regardless of whether you choose patterned or plain, every Brintons carpet is inspected by eye twice, and finished by hand before it leaves our factory.

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