Enjoy Colour, Quality And Style With Beautiful Flooring From Adam's Carpets


With almost a century of experience, Adams Carpets is a name synonymous with high quality. Adams Carpets has been creating premium carpets for 95 years from their factory in Kidderminster, the hub of British carpet-making. A family business through and through, Adams Carpets have passed their skills down through the generations since the business opened in 1926.


One of their best-known creations is the iconic twist range, Fine Worcester, which was launched in 1991 is regarded as one of the finest quality twist pile carpet available on the market. Innovating and pushing the boundaries of carpeting is what Adams Carpets does best, with many of their ranges raising the bar for flooring manufacturers. Kasbah Twist is another of their unique creations, introduced in 1997 to instant success. The 5/32 gauge gives this carpet a truly one of a kind look that no other can match.


The main selections of Adams Carpets can offer up to 65 vibrant colours, many using an excellent quality blend of 80/20 wool and nylon for a wonderful look and feel. Decorating your home with fantastic flooring is a sure-fire way to transform your home, and there’s nowhere else that offers a flooring fitting service quite like Taylor’s! With expert advice and free home measuring included as standard, we’ll ensure that your home is perfect from the bottom to the top. To enquire about our flooring fitting service, get in touch with us here.

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